Failure to renew the rental lease when it expires is a risk that all tenants must assume. However, the possibilities offered to the owner to recover the enjoyment of his property are limited and limited. What are the possible reasons for non-renewal of the lease? How can I avoid renewing the lease? Or what happens if my landlord does not renew my lease? This article goes through the procedure in detail.

Reasons for termination for the owner

The right to housing is a French principle which must be articulated with the right to property. Housing difficulties, particularly in metropolitan areas, have prompted legislators to protect tenants regarding their principal residence.

The rental contracts can be of different types: empty rental, furnished rental, commercial rental. The rules for renewing commercial leases are specific and the lessor is exposed to the payment of eviction indemnities in the absence of serious motivation since it jeopardizes the economic activity of its tenant.

For empty residential housing leases, the contract is concluded for a period of 3 years if the lessor is a natural person or 6 years if the lessor is a legal person. For a furnished rental, the rental contract is generally for one year, possibly 9 months in the case of rental to a student.

When the lessor gives his tenant leave, this leave must be justified either by his decision to resume or to sell the accommodation, either for a legitimate and serious reason, in particular the failure by the tenant of one of the obligations incumbent on him.

Leave to sell

The owner, by signifying the leave, must first offer the property to his tenant, thus specifying not only the intention to sell but the price requested, the terms of payment, the object of the sale (lots of co-ownership, cellar, parking) The tenant does not benefit from this priority at purchase if the owner cedes his accommodation to someone in his family up to the 3rd degree (nephew, great-grandparent).

Leave for resumption or to live in the accommodation

The owner may well want to rent his property for a few years to repay a loan and then wish to live there or house a member of his family. The property must then necessarily become the principal residence of the beneficiary. The owner can live in the accommodation himself or lodge there his husband, his PACS partner, his partner for more than a year, an ascendant or a descendant but also an ascendant or a descendant of his partner or his PACS partner.


Leave for serious and legitimate reason

The legislator has not defined the concept of serious and legitimate reason. Generally these are breaches of the obligations of the tenant. Thus, repeated delays in payment of the rent, abnormal neighborhood disturbances characterized. The owner has an interest in putting together a written record of breaches: letters of reminder in case of unpaid rents, letters of complaint from neighbors.



Every organization must guarantee the product quality system standards that seek continuous improvement, standardization and process control. During the planning of product quality control, the following aspects must be taken into account:

Financial: Key to having capital for the use of cash in resources.

Commercial: You must maintain competitiveness according to quality, price and demand.

Technical: Security and efficiency in the procedures.

Any product that does not meet the minimum standards that ensure quality must be disposed of.

Types of Product Quality

To ensure total customer satisfaction, organizations tend to adopt various types of quality.

Design quality: It is the design with which a product or service is exhibited according to the attributes that are considered adequate to meet customer expectations.

Quality of production processes: The final product is guaranteed to come out in optimal condition, flawless and meeting the qualities that are attractive to customers.

Quality of customer service: It ensures that the attention offered to the client is presented with human and service quality, fast and efficient. In order that the perception of this from a kind and respectful treatment is of trust and fidelity. For the on demand reviews this is important.

Quality of the organization

Product design

These systems must be designed based on the needs of the company. And this in turn must raise them according to the requirements and needs of the user. These designs must be adopted by the company as part of its own policies.

  • After the system has been designed, and before its application, continuous, constant and comprehensive training of personnel is required. Especially for those who will be directly involved in the process. Once the system design is chosen, it has to be tested and monitored for permanent improvement measuring results through the proposed standards and objectives at the beginning.
  • Every organization must guarantee product quality system standards that seek continuous improvement, standardization and process control in order to meet user satisfaction.


In summary, it can be concluded that this system consists of giving timely follow-up to each of the processes within a company to improve the quality of the product or service. All this from the implementation of various tools and procedures that guarantee quality and customer satisfaction.…