Why is it important to change the habit of emotional eating? This habit leads to significant eating disorders, which in turn leads to overweight and obesity. Problems for which there is sufficient scientific evidence, of all their consequences for health, such as increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, joint problems and some cancers.

Therefore, changing this habit is important, to avoid the negative effects that it can generate on your health.

How to stop eating emotionally?

The goal is to change the habit of Emotional Eating for a healthier one.

Therefore, to achieve this you must have a method and follow it step by step.

Describe specifically the goal you want to achieve

The first thing you must be very clear about is what you want to achieve and for this you must write in detail the goal to which you are going to commit. You could describe it as: “stop eating every so often”, but this is still very unspecific. A good description of your goal could be:

“During the workday, stop eating cupcakes with soda, every time I feel stressed.”

In this post, you will find information on how to set goals for quitting a habit.

Identify the emotion that drives you to eat

In this step you must consciously identify what you feel before starting to eat, it could be anxiety, blaming yourself for something, anger, boredom. When you identify the stimulus that drives you to eat, you must be very attentive, to act immediately you feel that emotion and thus avoid eating to calm it down.

It may take a few days to identify the emotion-stimulus

However, I am sure that you will achieve it by being very attentive, observing yourself without judging yourself and writing what you feel, before, during and after eating, to calm an emotion. When you do, you will have already taken a big step. Here, this publication will be very useful, about living here and now, to change habits more easily.

Discover and avoid context memory

In addition to the stimulus, you must identify the factors in your environment, which remind you of the habit you want to change, they could be people, places, situations, objects, which remind you to eat.

This can also take some time and the key here is to observe yourself and write it very consciously.

When you identify them, establish in writing the tactics to avoid them. For example, it may happen that, when passing a certain place, it reminds you of your eating routine. Therefore, try to avoid this site in your journeys.

Select a new routine to replace eating

You have already identified the emotion that prompts you to eat to calm it down and the context memory that reminds you to eat. Now you must choose a routine for which you are going to change eating when you feel that emotion.

It could be: drinking water, going for a walk, doing a short meditation, drawing, singing a song you like, calling a friend, playing an instrument, doing a short yoga routine, looking at photos that remind you of pleasant situations.…

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