Failure to renew the rental lease when it expires is a risk that all tenants must assume. However, the possibilities offered to the owner to recover the enjoyment of his property are limited and limited. What are the possible reasons for non-renewal of the lease? How can I avoid renewing the lease? Or what happens if my landlord does not renew my lease? This article goes through the procedure in detail.

Reasons for termination for the owner

The right to housing is a French principle which must be articulated with the right to property. Housing difficulties, particularly in metropolitan areas, have prompted legislators to protect tenants regarding their principal residence.

The rental contracts can be of different types: empty rental, furnished rental, commercial rental. The rules for renewing commercial leases are specific and the lessor is exposed to the payment of eviction indemnities in the absence of serious motivation since it jeopardizes the economic activity of its tenant.

For empty residential housing leases, the contract is concluded for a period of 3 years if the lessor is a natural person or 6 years if the lessor is a legal person. For a furnished rental, the rental contract is generally for one year, possibly 9 months in the case of rental to a student.

When the lessor gives his tenant leave, this leave must be justified either by his decision to resume or to sell the accommodation, either for a legitimate and serious reason, in particular the failure by the tenant of one of the obligations incumbent on him.

Leave to sell

The owner, by signifying the leave, must first offer the property to his tenant, thus specifying not only the intention to sell but the price requested, the terms of payment, the object of the sale (lots of co-ownership, cellar, parking) The tenant does not benefit from this priority at purchase if the owner cedes his accommodation to someone in his family up to the 3rd degree (nephew, great-grandparent).

Leave for resumption or to live in the accommodation

The owner may well want to rent his property for a few years to repay a loan and then wish to live there or house a member of his family. The property must then necessarily become the principal residence of the beneficiary. The owner can live in the accommodation himself or lodge there his husband, his PACS partner, his partner for more than a year, an ascendant or a descendant but also an ascendant or a descendant of his partner or his PACS partner.


Leave for serious and legitimate reason

The legislator has not defined the concept of serious and legitimate reason. Generally these are breaches of the obligations of the tenant. Thus, repeated delays in payment of the rent, abnormal neighborhood disturbances characterized. The owner has an interest in putting together a written record of breaches: letters of reminder in case of unpaid rents, letters of complaint from neighbors.


Many traders are seeing new development opportunities on the Internet. With an online store, thousands of people are likely to buy the products that can be reached. For that online directories like Salehoo  can be of great support.

Note also that with the development of online tools, creating an e-commerce site has become accessible to all. Each e-merchant then dreams of increasing his turnover. But behind this ideal world hides a completely different reality. Even on the Internet competition is fierce.To succeed in e-commerce, certain golden rules must be respected. Here are the ones.

  • You are looking to have product files written
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Manage logistics

It’s a fact: with the internet, exchanges have accelerated and your future customers are no longer willing to wait.

Whether you have a small or a large business, you cannot get into e-commerce without good, well-prepared logistics. Even if you start alone at home, you must plan the circuits that will allow you to get your products to your customers as quickly as possible.

Did you know?

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Don’t go alone

Many dream of embarking on the e-commerce adventure alone (at least at the start). This is precisely what should not (more) be done!

As tempting as it may be, the dream of making a fortune by being alone at home with your internet store and your stock in the garage is very difficult today. Also, surround yourself! And try to take people on your adventure with skills that complement your own.

Otherwise, choose a good provider offering skills in the various areas essential to your project (technical skills, web marketing, SEO and design). You can also choose several different providers, but this will generate an additional burden because you will have to ensure project management between your providers.…


It is necessary to define the duration of the contract whether it is a CDI, CDD or temporary work on mission. After that, we must move on to identifying the sources of recruitment, that is to say internal or external sources. Regarding the internal market, this is particularly in the form of promotion or transfer or the rotation of positions within the company. The search for candidates can be explained for various reasons. The reason is that perhaps there is no one corresponding to the position. For the hr for small business this is important.

Once all this is predefined, it is now time to move on to the posting of the post. This process can be done either through digital recruitment, or through recruitment firms or employment agencies. Once the offer is published, many candidates will respond. The most complex job is selection. It will be necessary to retain the potential candidates for the final decision where we retain the ideal candidate. Once recruited, the last mission is to successfully integrate so that he feels good from the first day.

The development of work stress

The search for motivation and flexibility of staff has resulted in increasing pressure from the company on its employees.However, if some form of pressure may be positive on the performance of employees, too much expectation on the part of the company can be harmful.More than 20% of employees say that their health has deteriorated due to too much stress at work. The most extreme cases are suicides related to work stress.

What challenges?

The importance of the Human Resources function can be understood on several levels:

  • In terms of production, the Human Resources function will allow the company to have competent staff who can improve the productivity of the company.
  • On the commercial level, Human Resources management will contribute to the recruitment of efficient and motivated sales staff (salespeople, store managers). Thanks to them, sales can therefore be improved.
  • From a financial point of view, appropriate personnel management will make it possible to limit salary-related expenses. The salary will no longer be just a cost for the company, but an investment.

 At the strategic level, the Human Resources function allows the company to differentiate itself from the competition thanks to the excellence of its personnel. Its employees will allow the company to create additional value for customers. These are the options for you now.…

Obligation Insurance

No matter if you are an overall service provider or even a sub-contractor, a professional’s overall obligation, insurance is one sort of insurance protection that you can not afford to do company without. Certainly not simply will the majority of projects need your provider to give evidence of GLI (overall obligation insurance coverage) before permitting it on their property, but disregarding to safeguard your resources with this wide-ranging kind of service insurance leaves you exposed to sometimes-catastrophic liabilities if accidents or even injuries take place throughout a job.

Points That Specialist’s GLI Covers

Professional’s overall obligation insurance protection features a variety of crucial type of insurance coverages, that together cover bystanders, consumers, sub-contractors, and employees versus these kinds of insurance claims:

In every claim, the professional’s overall obligation insurance coverage covers legal and also opinion expenses brought on by cases being actually submitted versus the covered contractor. This generally includes all the various other individual’s medical facility costs, revenues lost, and all ache and also going through that can possess been actually experienced.

Whereas a few of the above-mentioned sort of cases (bodily injury, personal injury, as well as building harm particularly) are actually somewhat usual on project web sites, the need for others might be less noticeable for a service provider. Therefore, it may be good to examining each sort of insurance claim making use of an example of a situation that can easily cause this sort of insurance claim being submitted versus a specialist.

Examples of the Kinds Of Insurance Claims Covered.

Marketing Personal injury.

Such a claim is protected by the large number of specialists’ standard liability plans. However, it’s probably some of the rarest too, in fact, be actually filed. Advertising and marketing injury is defined as damages endured due to one more celebration’s use of slander or even libel versus the plaintiff. If you are a contractor, one instance may be a sub-contractor submitting an insurance coverage case against a basic professional in the area that his professional online reputation as well as gaining potential has actually been actually compromised by damaging reviews and also attention initiated by the overall contractor.

Bodily or Accident.

A number of the more-common cases produced against service providers, physical accidents, and also accident claims occur anytime a third party (e.g., a consumer or spectator) is unintentionally hurt on a task website as the end result of negligence for the professional. Personal injury declares often can feature mental and emotional injury that comes from either neglectful or even purposeful acts due to the offender. One instance is actually an onlooker that is actually injured or hurt by a dropping step ladder, which was left behind neglected by the contractor within a region that receives significant shoe website traffic.

Harm To Residential property.

General Stress

General Stress And Anxiety Condition (or even GAD) can easily happen to anyone that has to allow the pressures of lifestyle creep up and start to confuse them. Of training course, every person is actually different … thus you might not experience all of the signs and symptoms of General Anxiousness Condition provided under. If you experience many of the most usual bodily indicators of General Stress Condition at the exact same time … it is actually incredibly likely that you are actually having (what many people who have GAD commonly recommend to as) a “panic spell” or even an “anxiety attack.”

The very first sign is often a sensation of light-headedness or even wooziness. This is actually often at the starting point of a panic spell. You may also possess a rushing noise in your ears as well as you may feel like you are actually about to faint. Another indicator of General Stress and anxiety Problem is that you may experience having problem breathing. Your trunk might really feel limited and also narrowed, and also you may have a hard opportunity getting in deep, slow-moving breaths.

  1. Many times people experiencing signs and symptoms of General Stress Disorder believe they actually possess a heart attack because your rhythm becomes faster, and also your soul seems to become attempting to pound its own way out of your upper body. Also, when sitting still, your soul price may enhance, flutter as well as become jagged.
  2. Usually, your face really feels hot as well as flushed (sort of what it believes that when you have a high temperature). You might also feel nauseous.
  3. Waves of anxiousness … ranging coming from unwanted thoughts and feelings (visualizing the worst feasible outcome of whatever you are fighting)… to feeling detached from reality (you dread you might be actually going ballistic or even losing your thoughts)… to sensation completely out of hand.

Among one of the most overwhelming things about the signs and symptoms of General, Anxiousness Problem is actually that sometimes each one of the signs and symptoms has the ability to be actually maintained exclusively internal. Although you are actually really feeling deathly run scared on the within (with your heart racing and your thoughts not managing to remain concentrated on everything), you are often able to sustain your calmness, and also you can easily somehow take care of to compel your physique to remain fully still.

When you experience signs of General Anxiety Ailment, it believes that it lasts for life. In reality, anxiety attacks simply ordinarily final in between five and twenty minutes.

Lots of folks will certainly possess 1 or 2 stress attacks in their lifestyle opportunity. If you locate on your own having the above-mentioned signs of General Stress Problem regularly as well as you locate that they have begun to impact your capacity to live an ordinary lifestyle … you may actually have General Stress and anxiety Disorder.

Keep in mind: Due to the fact that many times the sense of panic can simulate the sensations of a heart attack, it is actually an excellent suggestion to seek qualified attention to make sure there is actually certainly not a physical factor for your spell.…

Microsoft Window

Creating upgrades to your home along with an overall service provider is a need very most property owners possess – it even penetrates the thought and feelings of renters that wish for something extra comfy. However, with the wish to upgrade as well as redesign, a residence happens the suggestion of paying out funds for a basic professional. It’s never ever pleasant, but when you begin to experience the necessity for substitute windows, brand new slick, a brand new deck, an add-on, or even conservatory as well as more then it’s opportunity to begin making severe selections concerning the residence renovation that’s required.

When you begin to notice issues in residence, you ought to also appear into functioning along with an overall service provider to correct the concerns. Microsoft window are the huge item right currently after dealing along with extreme winter months, therefore inspect out these ideas on when you must think about replacement home windows in your residence:

  1. When your house starts to really feel drafty in cold weather, such as allotments around your feet and also legs or even the house becomes uncomfortably hot during the summer season since warm is infiltrating into your property.
  2. You’ve unexpectedly viewed significant adjustments in your heating and cooling bills vs. previous years. When your costs are higher as well as continue to increase, it’s usually a really good idea to deal with a general professional to examine the COOLING AND HEATING systems of your house, inspect your warmth gain/loss throughout our home and verify if substitute home windows might be a great purchase prior to the next seasonal improvement.

You’re worried about the security and security of your existing windows. If the home window frame isn’t safe or the window may break free from the wall surfaces, it’s an opportunity for substitute home windows.

  1. The existing windows go to the completion of their lifestyle. This can be structural problems, deterioration, fading, cracking frameworks, insect harm, etc. A close examination, along with a basic service provider, will certainly expose if new home window substitutes are required quickly.
  2. Glass is actually cracked, broken, or even typically overlooking. If you’ve been actually utilizing repair packages, cardboard, air duct tape, newspaper and also other overseas materials to seal off the glass or even holes in your windows at that point it’s time to seriously think about teaming up with an overall professional to set up replacement windows – unless you in fact just like remarkably high electrical costs.
  3. Your home windows are actually extremely tough to open and also shut. It could certainly not appear like a lot of an issue besides being an aggravation, yet you could possibly slip making an effort to open up these home windows forcefully and put an upper arm by means of the glass. They could catch during the course of a fire or even various other emergency leaving you or even your family members trapped. This is definitely the amount of time to spring for substitute home windows along with a general specialist.

Whether it is actually a technical issue, a personal preference, a safety concern or you want to boost the market value of your property to market it at a greater cost there are a number of causes to…