Poodles and Labradors Retrievers being two breeds known for their intelligence, it is not surprising that Labradoodles have excellent training skills. They are eager to learn, and educating them keeps their malicious side under control.

After all, you may not want your dog to befriend any strange human or animal he meets on his way with unstoppable enthusiasm.

With them, you will spend yourself

No need to subscribe to a gym with a Labradoodle by your side. Most of them need regular walks, and space to run (large gardens and parks are fine). This is why they are generally not very happy in an apartment.

They are perfect jogging partners, even if they often have to be detached afterwards so that they can stretch their legs. And the more you exercise them, the less likely they are to get bored and nonsense at home.

Cute dogs

Finally, Labradoodles need companionship and stimulation. They are dogs with a very lively intelligence under their appearance of teddy bears, and they particularly like to play, to discover new places, and to be with you, quite simply. If you spend long hours every day at work, perhaps you should consider using a trusted dog sitter or dog walker to help you take care of your Labradoodle while you are away.

They lose little hair, but need to be brushed

Even if there is not strictly speaking a completely hypoallergenic dog, the Labradoodles are not far from it. Most of them have a coat similar to that of the Poodle, that is to say a frizzy type coat which hardly loses its hair. This is why these dogs cause less allergies and less damage to the sofas.

Apricot, cream or sand, the Labradoodle dresses are superb. But they are also very different aspects. Their coat, whether stiff, flexible, fluffy, fluffy, curly or otherwise, needs frequent brushing and grooming from time to time to keep it looking good. Fortunately, a good brushing session is an experience that strengthens the bond between a dog and its owner.

Labradoodles live to love you

Social and friendly, the Labradoodle Dog is fortunate to have all the qualities of the Poodle and Labrador combined. They love the company of humans and are generally very affectionate (including with strangers).

Labradoodles are not watchdogs

Because of their friendly, dedicated and playful temperament, the Labradoodles make wonderful companions for families, but poor protection dogs. This is explained by the fact that this lively and usually very docile breed was not created to be aggressive.