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The terms detergent and disinfectant are often confused with each other, while the former has the purpose of removing dirt (cleanse), the latter is formulated to drastically decrease the presence of bacteria, fungi or viruses (disinfect) and higher organisms, such as insects, rodents, etc. (disinfectant).

Proper Cleaning

Cleaning and disinfection can also be obtained thanks to a combined action of power and specific product. With the proven disinfectant  called Clean4Less you can find the best results. This is a tested and proven disinfection that offers a great result without any side effect. You can find all the supports for the same and the right kind of disinfection process assured with the same now. Be sure of the perfection here in every possible way. The essential details are all available now.

For example, with the combined use of disinfectant and sanitizing detergents based on Alkylamines or Quaternaries of Ammonium with fungicidal, bactericidal and virucidal properties, with the power of a pressure washer it is possible to remove bacteria and disinfect in an optimal way.

Be Safe
Be Safe

Cleaning and disinfection are two different and complementary actions that should not be confused

To clean is to make it neat, clean by ridding of all that dirty, stains, tarnishes. Cleaning refers to the removal of dirt, stains, dust, germs, impurities from surfaces. It eliminates germs mechanically, it reduces their number and therefore also the risk of spreading infections.

The INRS defines disinfection as the operation, with a momentary result, making it possible to eliminate or kill microorganisms or to inactivate unwanted viruses carried by contaminated inert media, depending on the objectives set. Pay attention to the order in which you do the cleaning: you must first clean and then disinfect. And if you regularly maintain your interior, that you respect the rules in terms of hygiene and that your home is not a place of passage, it is not necessary to disinfect your accommodation permanently.

An occupational doctor tells us

If a person has dirty hands, the gel will not allow him to remove dirt and microbial germs that are between the skin of the hands and uncleaned dirt. Only washing hands with soap and water will trap the virus in the foam and rinse it off.Hydro-alcoholic solutions and gels are to be preferred in the absence of an available water point or to perfect a cleaning with soapy water. So, at home, prefer water and soap to hydro alcoholic gels.