Each room requires a different curtain and it is plausible that the one that best suits the bathroom may not be suitable for the bedroom.Here are the tips for choosing the type the right curtain for every room in the house.

The elegance of velvet for the living room

A space that goes well with the refinement of velvet is the living room. Do not believe that velvet curtains adapt to pompous spaces, on the contrary: opt for velvet in the living room with a young and lively soul, otherwise you would risk exaggerating obtaining a theater effect. In addition to the powder pink walls and the playfully childish colors tending to pastel, the velvet curtains are also ideal in a minimal bedroom whose dominant is essential white.

Roman blinds protagonists of the kitchen

Fundamental ingredient for a fully likable kitchen, functionality can also give a spicy touch to the design of the environment that hosts it. So mix comfort and handling by choosing Roman blinds harrisburg and add enough charm. The icing is the crème tint.

With the sofa

For open spaces where kitchen and living room merge into a single space, try to match the colors of the curtains with those of the sofa. This will create delicate chromatic fill rouge that will weave the interior design of elegance. If you don’t want to be too explicit, choose a couple fewer protagonists as can be the armchair-curtain, pouf -curtain or carpet-curtain partnership.

Panel curtains

The tent can also become a trick to divide the spaces . An example is the panel one which transforms into a light partition that will give the room a delicious japan touch . The transparency that will result will, in fact, echo that of the paper used to cover the shoji, the sliding doors typical of traditional Japanese houses (the machiya).

Linen for the retro bathroom

Aftertaste has three main characteristics: an antique mirror with a golden frame, a cast iron bathtub (with feet) and, last but not least, at least a linen curtain. The typical lightness of this shabby matrix material will play down the environment, making it less pompous and more exquisitely country.

Double drapery in the bedroom

The most valuable advice that a night in a hotel can give us is that of the double layer of curtains. Photophobics who do not like to open their eyes with the most natural alarm clock, namely dawning, therefore choose two layers of curtains , one heavier and darker and the other, instead, light both in terms of texture and color. The design of your bedroom will benefit, but above all, the most precious space you have: the dreamlike space of the REM phase.