It is necessary to define the duration of the contract whether it is a CDI, CDD or temporary work on mission. After that, we must move on to identifying the sources of recruitment, that is to say internal or external sources. Regarding the internal market, this is particularly in the form of promotion or transfer or the rotation of positions within the company. The search for candidates can be explained for various reasons. The reason is that perhaps there is no one corresponding to the position. For the hr for small business this is important.

Once all this is predefined, it is now time to move on to the posting of the post. This process can be done either through digital recruitment, or through recruitment firms or employment agencies. Once the offer is published, many candidates will respond. The most complex job is selection. It will be necessary to retain the potential candidates for the final decision where we retain the ideal candidate. Once recruited, the last mission is to successfully integrate so that he feels good from the first day.

The development of work stress

The search for motivation and flexibility of staff has resulted in increasing pressure from the company on its employees.However, if some form of pressure may be positive on the performance of employees, too much expectation on the part of the company can be harmful.More than 20% of employees say that their health has deteriorated due to too much stress at work. The most extreme cases are suicides related to work stress.

What challenges?

The importance of the Human Resources function can be understood on several levels:

  • In terms of production, the Human Resources function will allow the company to have competent staff who can improve the productivity of the company.
  • On the commercial level, Human Resources management will contribute to the recruitment of efficient and motivated sales staff (salespeople, store managers). Thanks to them, sales can therefore be improved.
  • From a financial point of view, appropriate personnel management will make it possible to limit salary-related expenses. The salary will no longer be just a cost for the company, but an investment.

 At the strategic level, the Human Resources function allows the company to differentiate itself from the competition thanks to the excellence of its personnel. Its employees will allow the company to create additional value for customers. These are the options for you now.