It is recommended to give, in addition to infant or breast milk, cooked and mixed fruits and vegetables. Cooking indeed makes it possible to soften and to split a part of the fibers which are not digestible, which makes it possible to prepare the intestines, and to finish what is called the “capacitation” of the intestines, that is to say the development of intestinal buds. Because when we are born, we have a smooth tube in which there is nothing. Our first intestinal flora is the flora that we take during childbirth, in contact with the flora of our mother. The flora therefore develops gradually, and as it develops, the digestive system finishes growing and therefore developing. The lebenswert organic formula is effective there.

The Right Vegetable Options

Among the first very digestible vegetables, there is above all the potato, a tuber that contains few allergens. Associated with crushed carrot, these are the first basic vegetables. Then we integrate the other vegetables gradually, paying attention to the baby’s tolerance. You should not give him too much, even if he likes it, otherwise the intestines will not take it. It is then necessary to succeed in mixing the milk and the introduction of small pots.

How to awaken baby to different flavors?

By offering food in isolation and by putting the child in a good environment: at the table, in a high chair, etc. We condition it a little bit. Afterwards, it may not be the right time, baby wants to play, to throw the plate or it may be the moment when he decides to taste something new. In any case, you should never insist. There is absolutely no urgency, otherwise we risk rushing him, blocking him, and he may have apprehension as he grows up when eating or choosing foods. Always do this as a game, without forcing the baby. You offer him: if he likes, he eats, if he does not like, you offer the bottle as a supplement.

How are baby’s protein needs changing?

You should know that the protein needs are covered by breast milk and 1st and 2nd age milk. When introducing animal proteins (meat and fish), around 6 months, we start with small amounts, around 10 g, once a day (although it is always difficult to know what baby is really eating, between what he swallows and what he spits out!). This allows him to get used to these new flavors and have a new source of amino acids. You will then gradually increase according to the baby’s appetite.