Every organization must guarantee the product quality system standards that seek continuous improvement, standardization and process control. During the planning of product quality control, the following aspects must be taken into account:

Financial: Key to having capital for the use of cash in resources.

Commercial: You must maintain competitiveness according to quality, price and demand.

Technical: Security and efficiency in the procedures.

Any product that does not meet the minimum standards that ensure quality must be disposed of.

Types of Product Quality

To ensure total customer satisfaction, organizations tend to adopt various types of quality.

Design quality: It is the design with which a product or service is exhibited according to the attributes that are considered adequate to meet customer expectations.

Quality of production processes: The final product is guaranteed to come out in optimal condition, flawless and meeting the qualities that are attractive to customers.

Quality of customer service: It ensures that the attention offered to the client is presented with human and service quality, fast and efficient. In order that the perception of this from a kind and respectful treatment is of trust and fidelity. For the on demand reviews this is important.

Quality of the organization

Product design

These systems must be designed based on the needs of the company. And this in turn must raise them according to the requirements and needs of the user. These designs must be adopted by the company as part of its own policies.

  • After the system has been designed, and before its application, continuous, constant and comprehensive training of personnel is required. Especially for those who will be directly involved in the process. Once the system design is chosen, it has to be tested and monitored for permanent improvement measuring results through the proposed standards and objectives at the beginning.
  • Every organization must guarantee product quality system standards that seek continuous improvement, standardization and process control in order to meet user satisfaction.


In summary, it can be concluded that this system consists of giving timely follow-up to each of the processes within a company to improve the quality of the product or service. All this from the implementation of various tools and procedures that guarantee quality and customer satisfaction.