Are your competitors taunting you with their cheeky search engine rankings? Do you want to be ahead of them at all costs on Google? Why not just spy on their backlink profile to understand what their secrets are to occupy the best places in Google! By studying their backlink profile you will have a good track to understand the levers they use to position themselves and you can then try to imitate them.

The gain of additional backlinks: The size of the community of an advertiser or a brand will directly influence the growth of the authority, because they are all potential relays for these posts having a “back link”. Bloggers exposed to these articles or products will be encouraged to relay them in their web ecosystem, which leads to additional backlink gains. You can buy backlinks and have the best use of the same.

Visibility pyramid

An SEO strategy developed on social networks will also make it possible to make the content disseminated on these platforms more visible in the results pages of search engines:

  • By showing content in different formats (images, videos, PDF) in the 1 st results which gives them more visibility
  • The Knowledge Graph Google will be enriched with additional information about a brand or advertiser by drawing on all the communication media web
  • bringing together search engines and social networks (display of the last G + post on brand requests, new Google / Twitter partnership, abandonment of the Bing engine by FaceBook to develop its own, etc.)
  • SEO and Social Media can be associated to achieve their respective objectives, but this requires rethinking web communication in a more global logic in order to truly take advantage of these synergies.

General Domain Authority Comparison

This is my favorite analysis because it is quick and gives a general overview of the backlinks profile by domain type. The lowest are those we know like directories, web 2.0, sites hit by Penguin. The strongest are those that interest us:

To obtain this beautiful graph which says a lot about the strategy of each of the competitors in their acquisition of external inbound links, you can study more.


Now you know how to conduct a competitive backlink analysis and you can go further by using the tools mentioned like Cognitive SEO which in my humble opinion is by far the best to do this. Feel free to share this post if you deem it relevant or send me your comments with a link on your social media for validation.