When selecting the moving company that is going to carry out the entire moving process, make sure that you hire a reliable moving company, check their data and guarantees they offer, as well as insurance in case of damage. You can contact us. We are a reliable company!

Register your new address

Notify banks, medical companies, subscriptions of your new address that they send you the correspondence to your new address from the date you indicate.

Moving packing

Whether the packing of the move is done by you as a professional company, have everything organized and think about which moving packing systems are going to give you the best service. If you have doubts, leave it in the hands of professionals and you will save yourself the odd upset. In any case, you must have a detailed inventory of what goes inside each box, as well as having them identified with labels. The movers denver are the best options there.

Control the move

When the moving process begins, you must be present to check that everything is done according to your instructions and see for your own hand how your belongings are treated.

We hope that with these tips you can make a successful move and the move to your new residence will be a smooth ride and you can enjoy your new home with all the guarantees.

Basic advice when packing fragile parts

When we have all the necessary materials, we only have to follow a series of recommendations that we detail below.

Sturdy base

A good base of cushioning material should be placed at the bottom of each box to act as a mattress. One of the most appropriate resources to fulfill this function are the balls of newspaper or magazines. Egg cartons can also be very useful, especially if the packaging box does not contain heavy objects.

Fragile objects, separately

Two fragile items should not be wrapped, as when in contact they can break. The more delicate the pieces, the greater the care that must be taken when wrapping them one by one with bubble wrap.

Fixed inside the boxes

It is also necessary to try that the objects are arranged in such a way that they do not move. For them, the box should not have any free holes, but must be filled with some light but resistant material. Sometimes masking tape can also be used to fix the items inside the box, although it is never a good idea to stick them unfilled to the walls.

Electronic items, in appropriate boxes

For larger electronic items such as plasma televisions, the original boxes of these products are the most recommended. It is best to keep the box with the cork pieces that hold it better inside. That’s why at the time of the move you can start looking for someone who has bought similar products next to your move.

Note on the box that the content is fragile

It is essential to note the word “Fragile” clearly visible on the outside of the corresponding boxes. You can also make other clarifications, such as the direction in which it should be placed or if it is necessary to avoid placing other packages on top, etc.

The protection

Clothing in certain cases can work as protection for certain objects, but you have to be careful. Whenever possible, it is better to use specific products, such as bubble wrap. You can also use other elements, such as paper chips or synthetic materials.